Got Questions? We have answers!

1) What time does the service start?
-Every year is different depending on what time the sun rises. Check out our "Next Easter Service" tab for up-to-date info.
2) What time can I show up?
-Parking gates open at 5:00AM.
3) How long does the hike take?
-Please consider the time for parking and hiking up the butte does take awhile, so plan to be there early with plenty of time to get settled before the service begins. From the general parking area, the walk up the butte takes around 10 minutes, give or take, depending on your pace.
4) What should I wear?
-Please dress very warmly, wear appropriate footwear for hiking and bring blankets to sit on. Some people even cozy up in a sleeping bag!
 5) What do I sit on?
-Blankets are your best bet, but low beach chairs are ok. Lawn chairs are discouraged and can be hard to manage and unsafe to sit on the side of a rocky hillside.
6) How long does the service last?
-Right around 30 minutes.
7) How long does it take to leave?
-Plan on approximately 20-30 minutes for exiting after the service concludes.
8) Do you have handicap parking or rides up to the service area?
-Handicap parking and rides up to the service area are available upon request, just let the attendant at the front gate know. You will have a separate, closer parking area. After you've parked, a vehicle will pick you up and drive you as close as we can get to the service area. Please keep in mind there are approximately 8 stairs to go up and an uneven surface for walking up the hillside.
9) Can we listen to the service on the radio?
-The service will be broadcast within 1/2 mile on FM radio station 95.3  If you can't make it up the butte, staying in your car to listen in is a great option!
10) What if I have to go to the bathroom?
 -Porta Potty's, including ADA accessible, will be available at different locations throughout the property.
11) Can I bring my dog?
Pets must be on a leash at all times and responsibly cleaned up after. Please be considerate of those around you if your dog is unfriendly or barking during the service.
If you can't find what you're looking for, please email us at: